Installing an elevator system must always go hand in hand with maintenance, because elevator maintenance accounts for up to 50% of the usage process. No matter how perfect the components, products, and installation methods are, they still cannot resist wear and tear over time, frequency of use, weight, environmental conditions, and other external factors.

Elevator Maintenance and Maintenance Process at Sankyo Elevator

For us, elevator maintenance, repair and renovation is one of the pioneering services in the elevator installation industry. Maintenance procedures must always be performed by well-trained technical staff, capable of accurately assessing and handling elevator-related problems.
The procedure is performed in the following order:

  1. Broadcast a notice to everyone in the elevator environment.
  2. Disconnect all equipment in the elevator system to ensure safety for surrounding people and maintenance staff.
  3. Inspect and clean the control cabinet and elevator control room, if any.
  4. Check the stairwell and the top of the cabin.
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    Elevator maintenance and repair work at Sankyo Elevator

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    5. Check the bottom of the elevator shaft and below the cabin.
    6. Check and maintain in the cabin.
    7. Check and maintain outside the floor door.
    8. Test run the elevator for final inspection.
    9. Run the elevator to check safety equipment.
    10. Inform the elevator's current status to the competent person (to help customers clearly understand the elevator's operating situation).

How Often Should Elevators Be Maintained?

Elevator maintenance is very important, so in Vietnam, based on national technical regulations QCVN 32:2018/BLDTBXH on labor safety for home elevators , the elevator system must be inspected. , maintenance at least every 3 months.
This specified frequency is for home elevators, the number of uses and load is less than elevators in buildings, companies, offices, apartments, etc. The machine is frequently used in crowded and public places. We recommend maintenance once a month to ensure the elevator operates well and does not cause unwanted risks.

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Elevator maintenance frequency 1 time/month - Sankyo Elevator

Maintenance Services and Some Notes You Need to Know

Elevator maintenance services are currently quite popular, you can easily find elevator maintenance units in many places, so you need to consider the quality of maintenance, Sankyo Elevator has one . The following suggestions are for you to refer to and choose for yourself the most reputable and quality elevator maintenance unit.

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Technical staff at Sankyo Elevator

- You should look for elevator companies that provide the entire team from installation to operation, maintenance, and product maintenance without hiring a third party. - Are technical staff equipped with protective
equipment? , equipment or not. Most reputable units often pay great attention to the equipment of technical staff to ensure the safety of employees during maintenance and also the maintenance and upkeep of elevators for customers.

Some Notes When Maintaining Elevators

- Elevators imported directly from other countries have very high product uniformity. Replacement parts must be genuine equipment and components to ensure stable and safe operation of the elevator.
- You need to clearly understand the elevator maintenance log, the content after each maintenance, and discuss issues you have questions about or related to the use of the elevator with the technical staff.
- Customers should choose a reputable, quality product and service provider with a specific and clear elevator maintenance process.

How many elevators are there?
Technical staff at Sankyo Elevator

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